About Kanal10 Asia

On the 25th of March 2013 we launched Kanal10 Asia - The international Christian TV station

In the southern parts of Sweden lies the quaint town of "Ämhult"; the home of Kanal10. There we have established a TV studio, a control-room and set up some play-out equipment.

And every single day, 24/7, we transmit programs from this location to all of Asia.

Our TV signal runs through the lines from our studio, down to Jerusalem and beams up on to satellite from there. We specifically target Asia - with our main beam on India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Kanal 10 Asia can be received by using a parabol antenna - from Europe in the west, and all the way, to Thailand in east.

The channel is using the ABS 2 satellite at 75 degrees east,.In addition the Kanal 10 Asia can be seen on webTV all over the world on www.kanal10asia.com

From the first day and until today; we have been receiving response letters and emails from all over Asia.

We have heard from viewers in Ethiopia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, China and Thailand.

Kanal 10 Asia uses a diversity of Asian languages - which is necessary for impacted outreach.

On specifically set times each day we share the Gospel in English, Korean, Tamil, Hindi, Urdu, Farsi and Arabic.

Our main response is received from Pakistan & India. This is natural, due to the fact that our satellite's main target is this specific area.Here our beam is covering 1 billion people.

In order to reach India in their own languages and culture, Kanal10 Asia, has established an Indian company and production studio in the city of Chennai.

From this production studio we produce music, sermons and prayer programs.
Call center
A "call-center" is also established. This enables our viewers to make a "local" phone-call for prayer and help. This dismisses our viewer from having to make a "long distance" phone-call to Scandinavia for immediate response.

People with Evangelistic call work for Kanal 10 Asia. These are people who know the Asian culture and languages.

Jabran Inayat: a former television manager at a christian TV station in Pakistan, is now working as our TV manager. He is situated in Sweden. His native language is, urdu.

Furthermore; the well known, and established evangelist John Salomon - who currently resides in India - will function as our manager for the Tamilien part of the programs.

A new mission lies ahead of us.
For many years people have been involved in missions work; but we are now faced with the "unique possibility" of doing missions though television and internet.

Please contribute with us, as a regular partner, or with a spontaneous gift.

You can use the account number on the screen or contact us by telephone or email.

Your contribution will help us to fulfill the "Great Commission" given by our Lord, Jesus Christ: To preach the gospel to the outermost parts of the earth.

We offer you hereby free airtime for programs in the Asiatic languages.

We understand that we need to work together with many different ministries for doing a good job in Asia, and invite you to participate.