Vision & Mission

The Vision that God has given us is Acts 2:11. “……we do hear them speak in our tongues the wonderful works of God”.

We are reflecting God´s Glory in different languages. Kanal 10 Asia is a 24 hour Christian TV Channel.We are reaching 57 Countries.

Asia is the largest continent of the world,the area we are covering is from Spain to Japan.The possible is for 4 Billion people.
What a wonderful opportunity to reach out for God´s kingdom.We will be sending programs in many Asiatic languages.

Kanal 10 Asia studio is also in Chennai India.we will be broadcasting many programs from India as well as Sweden.
In the Middle East people watch more television on average than in any other place.It was also noted that in
countrieswhere Christian literature is subject to restrictions,the Christian satellite broadcasts is a wonderful way
to reach with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This is the most effective way to reach people across these nations